Downloadable Resourses

There are a variety of resources available for our patients and those looking to obtain further information. Please click on the relevant link which should either open a document or redirect you to another site.

(All of these documents are correct and up to date as of June 2020)


Guidance on Self Isolation and Social Distancing for COVID 19 – 23.3.20

COVID- 19 Information for Families dealing with bereavement 3.4.20

For Parents – Advice on Covid-19 and childhood illnesses

Concerned about Covid-19 symptoms? Watch this video prescribed by clincians 

Coronavirus infection and pregnancy

WHO- Helping children cope with stress



National Domestic Abuse Services – April 2020

Bright Sky App (

Domestic Abuse Directory (

Standing Together (


Our Leaflets

Practice Leaflet

Practice Charter Patient Leaflet

Patient Access Leaflet

Complaints, Comments and Compliments Leaflet

Seeing Medical Students Leaflet

Safeguarding Leaflet

Phlebotomy Aftercare Leaflet

Phlebotomy Leaflet

Minor Surgery Aftercare Leaflet

General Data Protection Regulations Leaflet

Patient Privacy Notice 2020

Children’s Privacy Notice 2020


New Patients

New Patient Registration Form

CHILD-New-Patient-Registration-Questionnaire 2020

FEMALE-adult-New-Patient-Registration-Questionnaire 2020

MALE-adult-New-Patient-Registration-Questionnaire 2020

TB Screening Patient Registration Form

Patient Consent Form – under 16

Patient Consent Form

Online registration form for Patient Access

Proxy access online registration form for Patient Access

Routine Immunisation Schedule (from January 2020)

All forms to be sent to



Patient Privacy Notice 2020

Children’s Privacy Notice 2020

Getting started with GP Online Services – Patient Guide

Protecting your GP online records – Patient Guide

Subject Access Request Policy

Subject Access Request Form

General Data Protection Regulations Leaflet

Your Data Matters – NHS Leaflet


Patient Participation Group

PPG Terms of Reference

Contact form for PPG members

PPG Newsletter April 2020



Repeat Prescriptions

Pregabalin and Gabapentin changes from 1 April 2019

Over the Counter Medication – Patient Information Leaflet

Over the Counter Medication for Pregnant Women

Fact Sheet about Fluoroquinolone


Health Promotion

Home Blood Pressure Diary

Your Guide to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

NHS Breast Screening Guide – Helping You Decide

NHS Cervical Screening Guide – Helping You Decide

Treating Your Infection

Smoking cessation information

Your Health In Harrow Booklet – Your guide to local health services

The Eatwell Guide


Diet Sheets

Advice for Calcium

Advice for Heart Health

Advice for Folic Acid

A Guide to Food Labelling

Advice for Patients with Heart Failure (Normal Appetite)

Advice for Patients with Heart Failure (Poor Appetite)

Advice for Hypertension

Advice for IBS

Advice for Iron

How to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Advice for Vitamin B12

Advice for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Advice for a Low Carbohydrate Diet

Advice for Malnutrition 

Homemade Supplements


Physio Sheets

Ankle Exercise

Foot Exercise

Planter Fascitis Exercise

Hamstring Exercise

Knee Exercise

Hip Exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Back Exercise

Neck Exercise

Shoulder Exercise

Elbow Exercise

Hand Exercise

Wrist Exercise


Travel – please note that we are NOT a Yellow Fever centre

Travel Risk Assessment Form

Travel and Sexual Health

General Travel Health Advice Leaflet

Emergency Standby Medication Traveller Information Leaflet

Brief reference guide to malaria chemoprophylaxis


If you would like this letter or information in an alternative format or if you need help communicating with us (for example, because you use British Sign Language), please let us know. You can call us on 0208 4225602 or email