Travel Clinic

In order to assist us to make a full assessment of the potential risks to your health from your planned travel, we would ask that you complete our Travel Risk Assessment Form ideally 6 weeks before you travel.

Once complete, please return the form to us at Reception or by email at  We will pass the form to our Practice Nurses and they will contact you if you require any vaccinations.

Please note that Travel appointments could take up to 20 minutes and some vaccinations may attract a cash fee (e.g. Yellow Fever).

At your appointment we may ask the following questions to help us plan for your trip:

  • When are you departing and for how long?
  • Where are you going, including the destinations within a country?
  • Where are you staying, e.g. backpacking, camping, hotels?
  • Are you planning to undertake any high risk activities?
  • Have you taken out travel insurance and have you informed the company of any existing medical condition?
  • If female and of child bearing age, is there any possibility you could be pregnant, or are you planning a pregnancy?
  • Do you have any medical conditions, or a history of significant medical illness? (these can influence the choice of malaria tablets we recommend)

It would help us greatly if you had some awareness of the travel problems that you may be at risk from on your trip before you come for your appointment.

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On behalf of Roxbourne Medical Centre, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey!